• Mulberry Farms produces hamburger patties in a 100% beef as well as a "TVP" patty. We use a similar process for our cubed beef and cubed pork steak, which we offer in 100% or seasoned. 
  • Recently Mulberry Farms has started producing its own 100% chicken sausage in patties, jumbo links, and breakfast links. 
  • Mulberry also specializes in select cut meats such as: t-bone steaks, ribeye steaks, diced beef/stew meat, fajita/thin sliced meats, bone in or bonelss pork chops. 
  • Mulberry Farms also has its own line of retail items: chicken tenders, hot and spicy wings, and dandy wings (unseasoned).
  • Mulberry also sells fresh beef and pork as well: ground beef, chuck rolls, peeled knuckles, top butts, N.Y. strips, short loins, ribeyes, bottom round flats, eye rounds, inside rounds, beef tenderloin, boston butts, spare ribs, baby back ribs, st. louis ribs, bone in and boneless pork loins, and fresh and smoked hams. 
  • Mulberry sells a variety of fish products as well as various types of shrimp.
  • During the holidays Mulberry produces spiral glazed hams, spiral glazed turkeys, as well as frozen whole turkeys.
  • Mulberry Farms is also an authorized retailer of Suncrest (formally Junior Johnson) hams, Swaggerty sausage, and D.L.Lee smoked products.